The Importance of Shopping Local

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I love shopping! For me, it can sometimes be a stress reliever. But something I love even more than just shopping, is shopping local.  Some of my favorite stores around Texarkana are Dreidel Home + Sundry, Taste and See, and the Granary.  Dreidel Home has the cutest gifts for almost any occasion, precious children’s clothing, and not to mention my favorite wellness brand- Rowe Casa Organics.  I use Rowe Casa’s products in my everyday routine and feel great overall health.  Taste and See is such a popular choice of coffee and desserts in the area.  My personal favorite dessert is the birthday cake gelato and paired with my favorite Texarkana blend coffee, it’s always a hit at my house!

I hate it when I go to buy meat at the grocery store, and the description reads “Rib meat added” or “artificially flavored.”  That’s why I purchase my chicken and bison from the Granary.  Their chicken is always fresh and completely organic. They also carry essential oils, vitamins, medicine, and so much more.  

When you make the conscious decision to shop local, you’re investing your money into local business owners and are keeping that business thriving in Texarkana.  I love our local businesses and appreciate them greatly!  Did you know that when you shop local, out of $100 spent up to $73 will stay in the local economy?  This keeps jobs circulating, and shop owners are more likely to work harder to keep their business up and running than national brands. What are some of your favorite businesses and items to buy? 


rowe casa
Rowe Casa is a locally owned and operated right here in Texarkana! It offers 100% all natural products for many ailments we all face on a day to day basis. Check out more of their products on their website:

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